'Beauty and the Beast' Final Trailer Released

'Beauty and the Beast' Final Trailer Released

By Robert Dougherty Jan 31, 2017 08:47 AM
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The third and final Beauty and the Beast trailer is now up, providing the longest look yet at how the tale as old as time looks in live action. But while it shows more than ever before, there is much that remains hidden and unsung.

The trailer does still feature more of Belle's "little town in a quiet village", a peek at a little Belle before she grows into Emma Watson, a first look at Luke Evans showing off Gaston's small minded vanity, Belle mending and dancing with Dan Stevens' Beast and more.

But while the trailer is hardly missing music, once again none of it comes from Watson, Stevens, Evans or any of the other actors singing. A TV ad with Watson singing the "Belle" reprise has been the only one with any actor's singing voice so far, unlike all three trailers.

Even though Best Picture favorite La La Land has been nitpicked for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's singing, it still had separate trailers with each of their big solo numbers. Whether or not Beauty and the Beast is trying to hide Watson, Stevens and Evans' voices or a lack thereof, or just choosing not to reveal everything in trailers, will likely be easy to question until the movie is ready.

One piece of music they did reveal was the new cover version for the title song. Ariana Grande and La La Land's own John Legend will have their full Beauty and the Beast duet played over the end credits, but a teaser for it played over the last half of the trailer. However, Emma Thompson will presumably sing it as Mrs. Potts during Belle and the Beast's actual dance.

Considering the recent news about the film's running time, that sequence and many others may be padded quite a bit. Whereas the animated film only needed to run for 84 minutes, this version is adding almost 40 extra minutes, clocking in at a two hour and three minute length.

In that context, it is no wonder that a lot still hasn't been seen or heard yet. Nonetheless, the full rendition of Beauty and the Beast will play in theaters on March 17.

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