By Nick Leyland | May 18, 2015 10:38AM EDT
Richard Elfman

(CANNES) May 17, 2015: Wilfried Van Baelen’s Belgium-based, multi-faceted post-production outfit, GALAXY STUDIOS, announced today that it has finalised a three-picture production agreement with filmmaker Richard Elfman (MODERN VAMPIRES). The deal also incorporates Van Baelen’s Auro Technologies, ensuring the revolutionary immersive sound format AURO-3D® is employed across all of the upcoming three pictures.

Richard Elfman’s first film under the Galaxy/AURO-3D® deal will be a sequel to his wildly successful cult hit, the musical/fantasy FORBIDDEN ZONE. Four-time Oscar®-Nominated and Emmy® and Grammy Award®-winning composer Danny Elfman and actress Jenna Elfman (DHARMA & GREG) are both attached to FORBIDDEN ZONE 2, with further names soon to be announced.

The AURO-3D® listening format delivers the most natural immersive sound experience on the market. It is an exciting move from two-dimensional surround sound formats to three-dimensional sound, achieved by adding the missing and final dimension in sound ‘height’ in front of and all around the viewer. AURO-3D® is the only sound system on the market that has just one file, making it easy for distributors to achieve high-resolution audio on any system in the world. The format is currently on display at the Cannes Film Festival in an AURO-3D® theater specially constructed next to the AURO offices and lounge on the Hotel Majestic Plage.

About working with the new AURO-3D® sound format, Elfman said, “Hearing is believing. What stereo is to mono and 5.1 to stereo, AURO-3D® sound is to 5.1.  AURO-3D® changes the way media will present sound. As FORBIDDEN ZONE 2 is wall-to-wall music—to be released along with a video game—AURO-3D®’s immersive sound will really knock the ball out of the park. I’m very excited!”

Wilfried Van Baelen added, “FORBIDDEN ZONE 2 is a gift for the AURO-3D® format – the original was a cult kaleidoscope of ideas, sounds, and imagery, and we could not be more excited to help push Richard’s sequel into a similarly surreal dimension. The technology used will match the ambition of this startlingly visionary filmmaker.”

Richard Elfman will be in Cannes at the Auro Technologies suite located on the Hotel Majestic Plage (near the Palais des Festivals) and available for interviews May 13 -21.

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