‘Aquarius’ S2: E05 ‘Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except me and my Monkey’ Review

‘Aquarius’ S2: E05 ‘Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except me and my Monkey’ Review

By Amanda Joyce July 01, 2016 09:04AM EDT
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Aquarius (TV Series) (2015)

Hodiak (David Duchovny) gets a more intense spotlight on him from Internal Affairs while Shafe (Grey Damon) finds himself having even more difficulty in his marriage and work. Charlie (Gethin Anthony) starts to get jealous of the relationship developing between Emma (Emma Dumont) and their new benefactor.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E05 of Aquarius. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Emma gets to sing! Emma Dumont has a lovely voice, though before this show she was primarily known for her dancing. I’m glad she gets the chance to sing on the show since Charlie’s whole thing that helps to gather these young women around him is that he wants to be a musician.

Shafe is in bad shape. He’s still reeling from the effects of the heroin he used in the previous episode, and the tension between him and his wife is heartbreaking to watch. In addition to that, he’s trying to find a way to get back into undercover work, but the other detectives ambush him to cut his hair and give him a shave to get him up to dress code. And that’s all in the first ten minutes. He’s having quite the day.

Emma runs into her mother. It’s such an awkward moment and both women play the distance and familiarity of two people who used to love each other desperately, but now don’t even know one another, perfectly. I’ve always loved watching Michaela McManus and Emma Dumont in scenes together and I still wish that we got more of the two two of them at odds. They have such a great dynamic, so it was nice to see that Emma’s mother hasn’t forgotten about her. Emma has also, despite being completely enamoured with Charlie’s life, grown up enough to not ignore her mother’s offer of her new address.

“I don’t want to be a female cop; I just want to be a cop.” Charmaine, despite being the member of the main cast who gets the least amount of screentime, remains my favorite on the show. She really has one of the most interesting stories of all the different threads being pulled. I love that each and every time someone points out that she’s valuable because she’s a woman on a particular case, she doesn’t hesitate to tell them that it’s not being a woman that matters to her, but doing her best work. With this being the 60s, her being a woman is still likely going to be the focal point of her interactions with nearly any other police officer, but it’s not stopping her.

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Emma is the target of Charlie’s jealousy. Emma has always been the one we’ve seen who can calm Charlie down, the one who can distract him from getting angry at other members of the family, and the one who seems to understand him very quickly when everyone else is confused. In this episode, she’s finally doing something for herself instead of him, and feeling threatened because of her relationship with Dennis, not to mention her getting attention from record producers, Charlie is jealous and insecure, and lashes out at her. While we’ve seen him hit others, he doesn’t use violence against her, but instead seeks to shame her by cutting the straps on her brand new dress. It doesn’t work as Emma simply removes it and continues with her meeting. Of course, Charlie ends up coming along for the ride as well which doesn’t go well for her.

Charmaine joins the war protest. Her newest undercover job has her infiltrating a protest group that is, as Cutler describes it, “anti everything.” This seems like a much more interesting route than the Walt storyline. If the show allows Charmaine and Walt’s stories to intersect, his addition to the show might not slow it down as much. Besides, she looked like she was having a good time vandalism that pricey suite.


The Bad

Walt is in trouble. Again. Walt Hodiak is always in trouble. And I feel like a broken record for saying that his storyline slows the show down too much, but it always seems like it’s being shoehorned in simply for the sake of getting Vietnam into a show set in the 60s.

Opal dies. I’m not sure why everything related to Hodiak’s personal life seems to bring the show to a screeching halt, but it just does. Opal has been consistently an interrupting force on the show, only coming in to remind us of Walt’s troubles. Her supposed suicide (on crime shows, it’s hard to believe any death is a suicide) might serve to make Hodiak take a more proactive role in Walt’s life, which I’m not too thrilled about.

This episode felt very disconnected. There was definitely an attempt to unite different themes in the episode of relationship problems, the war protests, and even suicide across the different storylines, but I still felt like I was watching several different episodes chopped together instead of one.

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The Questions

Will Emma and her mother reconnect? We know that Emma is still with Charlie when the Manson family commits a series of murders, but she seems to be having some hesitation about her place with Charlie. Might she take a little time away?

Will Emma kill anyone on the murder spree? The flashforwards in this episode show her armed and instructed to kill anyone she finds, but something tells me Emma doesn’t have it in her.

How far will Charmaine go on this assignment? Her new friends are about to go from vandalism to explosives, and it’s a little harder to get warnings in place in the 60s than it is today where we have the internet and cell phones.


Grading the episode: While I liked bits and pieces of this episode, as a whole, I found it underwhelming compared to last week. I’m very curious about where the show is headed in its flashforwards, but it feels like we’re crawling there instead of moving at a normal pace. C+

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